Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy explains the nature, scope and purpose of the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as “data”) within our online offer and its associated offers, contractual services, websites, mobile applications, features and content, as well as external online presence (hereinafter jointly referred to as “online offer”):

  • The first section of the Privacy Policy provides details of the controller and an overview of our processing operations.
  • The second section provides information about your rights, the relevant legal norms and general information about our data processing.
  • The third section contains details about the individual processing operations. This section is divided into other areas, such as our core services, audience measurement and marketing.
  • The fourth contains explanations and descriptions of the terms used in the Privacy Policy. If you are unfamiliar with the terms used (such as “personal reference” or “cookie”), please look these up in the last section. All terms used (such as “controller” or “user”) are gender neutral.
  • The last section contains further information.